The sun and moon rise and set, and seasons change. Just like the rocket goes straight into the sky after blasting off, the past has gone away with vigor and vitality.

In the passionate year of 2015, all staffs in the company worked day and night and joined hands to tackle key problems, finally, they successfully complete the "Jinlin-1" satellite mission and the goals made in beginning of the year. We initiate the new era of Chinese commercial remote sensing satellite by virtue of eight No.1 impressive achievements: "China's first self-developed and commercial high-resolution remote sensing satellite, China's first satellite with integration of satellite-borne, China's first meter-scale high-definition dynamic video satellite, the first satellite launched in the name of a province, for the first time that four satellites launched by a unit once, the first application of domestic CMOS in orbit, the first successful imaging in smart way, and the first China's commercial company with full-industry chain from the satellite design to the remote sensing application service". The company's staffs guarded against arrogance and kept on moving. In early 2017, the company's self-developed "jilin-1 Video 3 Satellite (Linye-1 Satellite)" was successfully launched in Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, since then, "Jilin-1" constellation added a new member again, which indicates that Chang Guang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. becomes the first domestic satellite company which gets through the launching whole process of commercial satellite.

The brilliant achievements are inseparable from the attention and support of leaders at all levels and from all walks of life. Thank associate organizations for close cooperation and collaborative work; thank news media for the extensive attention and publicity; thank users for supporting and actively promoting "Jilin-1" satellite data; thank all staffs and their relatives for giving selfless contribution...

On the shore of the north lake, the construction of "Jixing Building" is full of trees and surges up waves. At the end of the year, Chang Guang Satellite will soon move in new home. In 2017, we will continue to adhere to the Chang Guang spirit of "unity, innovation, hard-work, and pragmatic", take "use space-aeronautics incorporation of remote sensing information products to serve 7 billion people in the world" as our mission, regard "rapidly construct satellite constellation, batch produce UAV, and constantly introduce innovative products of remote sensing information, continuously complete corporate culture construction and the management level" as the goal; fighting for constructing the home of Chang Guang Satellite and continuously improving all staffs' happiness index! Fighting for promoting the industrial transformation and upgrading of JilinProvinceand driving the revitalization of northeastern rust belt! Fighting for composing the glory future ofChina's commercial remote sensing satellite!


                                                                                                                             Chairman/General Manager: