Chang Guang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd.(CGSTL), founded in December 1st, 2014, it is the first commercial remote sensing satellite company in China. With the total registered capital of 1.97 billion yuan, the company is composed of CIOMP, Jilin provincial government, and social capital.

Jilin-1 satellite constellation is the core project under construction by CGSTL.It is composed of 138 high performance optical remote sensing satellites covering high resolution, large width, video and multi-spectrum. At present, CGSTL has successfully sent 46 jilin-1 satellites into space through 15 times launches. Jilin-1 constellation can visit any place in the world 15 to 17 times a day, with the ability to update a global map once a year and a national map five times a year. Jilin-1 satellite constellation can provide high-quality remote sensing information and product services for agricultural and forestry production, environmental monitoring, smart city, geographical mapping, land planning and other fields.


On the basis of"the integration of satellite-borne”, "the integration of airborne”and other core technologies, the company has set up the commercial business dealing with the development and operation of satellite and unmanned aircraft, as well as remote sensing information processing all in one. The main business covers satellite development, satellite in-orbit delivery, satellite component development, UAV development, UAV component development, mapping services, remote sensing advanced products, industry application solutions, ground application systems, large data application services, etc.


Strictly adhering to the spirit of "unity, innovation, hard-work, and pragmatic", adopting the development concept of "mass development, broad innovation ", with the mission of “serving 7 billion people on the globe with the remote sensing information product integrating sky, space and ground”, aiming for " building internet-based remote sensing information platform, and constantly introduce innovative products ", the company goes all out to promote the industrial transformation and upgrading of Jilin Province, to drive the revitalization of the old industrial base in northeast China, and to strive to compose the brilliant chapter of the Chinese commercial remote sensing satellite!