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The wave of "public entrepreneurship, broad innovation" comes in torrents! This is the era of makers. Do you feel hard to fight alone? Are you unable to pursue your dream? Do you have unrealized rich ideas? Do you have many abilities and can't use? Come to Geek-Think Marker Space, Chang Guang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. help you to make your dream come true!


You Partner:

Chang Guang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd., the first full-industry commercial satellite company in China, owns independent core key technology of "the integration of satellite-borne" and "the integration of airborne" and can provide high-resolution satellite image (including visible light, multi-spectrum, and night light) and high-resolution satellite video. In the near future, it might realize the function that the revisit interval for any position is less than 10 minutes.

In Geek-Think Marker Space

You can make your dreams come true in the following fields:


Application and development of satellite and UAV High-resolution remote sensing data;

Related services and marketing channel of remote sensing;

Other fields related to spaceflight and aviation information industry;


You can obtain:

The fund: one million yuan at most;

Office space, appliances and materials, and matched public service facilities;

Rich remote sensing data;

The matched services about finance and law;

Investment and financing service, talent service, and public technical service;

Huge market demand and broad market promotion prospect...


whether you are entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial brothers on the road, scholars with many-year achievements or young people with various ideas, if you want to be "Geek" (Geek), please log in official website of Chang Guang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd., enter the marker space system, download the Marker Application Form, fill in the form and sent to the email address:; you will find a key to realize your dream.