In accordance with the approval of the Party committee department of the higher level, the Party branch of Chang Guang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd., established in Dec. 2015, has nearly 170 on-the-job Party members (including the probationary Party members), and the proportion of Party members is about 43%. It is a young and vigorous communist Party member team with high fighting capacity, giving full play to the advantage effect of the team.


The construction and organizational development of the Party branch in the company are managed by Human Resources Department. The Party branch committee has Party branch secretary, publicity committee member and organization committee member, etc. The specific list is as follows:

Party branch secretary: JiaHongguang;

Publicity committee member: An Yuan;

Organization committee member: Wang Dong;

Science and technology committee member: He Xiaojun;

Committee member of the united front, youth, and workwoman: Bai Yang;


The Party branch currently has seven Party groups which are classified based on department:

Party group name

Group leader

Department division

The first Party group


Company leaders and members of the Party branch committee

The second Party group


Human resources, Marketing Department, Finance Department, General Office, Research Quality Department, and Xingyuan Property

The third Party group


Optical-Mechanical Structure, Optical Design, Optical Processing, Satellite Structure, and Space Environment

The fourth Party group


Attitude and Orbit Control, Photoelectric Imaging, Integrated Electronics, and Power Source Technology

The fifth Party group


Data Section One, Data Section Two, Data Section Three, Remote Sensing Big Data, and Communication Test

The sixth Party group


Aerial Survey, Avionics, UAV Population, UAV Structure, and Flight Control

The seventh Party group


Intern students in the company


The Party branch committee in the company pays attention to the team construction and talent training and encourages advanced personnel within the company to close to the Party organization, further strengthening the Party's conception; regarding the improvement of the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the Party organization and leadership, the Party member team, the enterprise staffs' overall quality as the goal to strengthen the construction of the Party's thought construction, organization construction, style and spiritual civilization construction and give full play to the role of the Party branch's battle fortress and comprehensively improve the communist Party member's exemplary role and demonstration effect.

At the same time, the Party branch of Chang Guang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. runs through the study of scientific outlook on development and activity of striving to be the first and best in to all Party members' education, striving to build a pragmatic and progressive team which is full of youthful spirit and dares to carry out innovation; build pioneer Party team with strong Party spirit, strong dedication, and vigorous exploration of new models; set up a leading research and development team with modern enterprise management concept, and leading technology. At the current stage, the Party branch of Chang Guang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. is making arduous efforts to construct first-class the Party branch that is directly subordinate to the Party committee.